Training Workshop: Diversity components in mosquito-borne diseases in face of climate change

Mosquito-borne pathogens such as West Nile virus or chikungunya virus are an increasing threat to veterinary and public health in Europe. Emerging and reemerging transmission patterns are
influenced by diverse ecological, environmental, and socio-economic factors. Meanwhile, vaccination and pharmaceutical treatment is either not available or very limited.
One Health, Planetary Health or EcoHealth concepts underline the close linkages between the state of ecosystems and transmission cycles. Beside climatic changes, the role of biodiversity on disease transmission is not well established. Biodiversity links to mosquito-borne diseases through different pathways such as mosquito and host diversity, or predator diversity for vector control.

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27. Feb 2023 bis 3. Mär 2023

Bernhard Nocht Institute for
Tropical Medicine, Hamburg
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Infektologie e.V.
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