NDI³ symposium 2023 – New Developments in Immunology, Inflammation and Infection

The NDI³ is a scientific conference standing for New Developments in Immunology, Inflammation and Infection.  The conference is aimed at scientists at all levels interested in immunology, inflammation and infection. These topics will be combined in a modern agenda including presentations by international keynote speakers, talk and poster sessions rounded up with an networking evening.

Keynote speakers:

  • Dr. Melanie Brinkman (TU Braunschweig, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, Germany). Dr. Brinkmann is a renowned scientist whose groundbreaking research in virology has significantly contributed to our understanding of viral infections and immune responses.
  • Dr. Eva Kaufmann (Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada). Dr. Kaufmann’s expertise lies in the intersection of immunology and infectious diseases, particularly in the context of host-pathogen interactions.
  • Dr. Hamida Hammad (Ghent University, Belgium). Dr. Hammad is a leading researcher in the field of respiratory immunology, with a specific focus on allergic diseases and the immune response in the lungs. 
  • Dr. Natascha Köstlin-Gille (University Hospital Tübingen, Germany). Dr. Köstlin-Gille is an accomplished physician-scientist whose research centers around the immunopathology of infectious diseases.

Further information: https://ndi3.fz-borstel.de/


Additional NDI³ Conference Special Event: Women in Science Evening

As part of the NDI³ conference this year, the organizers would like to take the opportunity for a small additional event:

Since they were able to attract great female keynote speakers this year, they would like to give everyone interested the opportunity to talk about the topic „Women in Science“. On the eve of the conference, they are planning a panel discussion with their guests Melanie Brinkmann, Eva Kaufmann and Hamida Hammad in cooperation with the Equal Opportunities Office.

All interested parties, regardless of gender, age, or career stage, are invited to join them for pizza and stimulating conversation in a casual atmosphere in the basement of the manor house. Participation is possible independently of registration for the actual conference.

To make planning a little easier for us, they ask for a short informal registration via mail to NDI3@fz-borstel.de by 15.11.2023.

What: Women in Science Dinner

When: 29.11.2023 18:00

Where: Historical Basement, Manor House, Borstel

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30. Nov 2023 bis 1. Dez 2023

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